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             I was referred to Vivian about 3yrs ago.  I have been to different places and N9 one does lashes as good as Vivian.  I trust her work and she stands behind it.  

 She works with her client to find the right lash and length.  Believe me I have very little lashes to work with.  I was not born with lots of lashes so she is already challenged from the get go when she does mine.  Vivian still manages to make my lashes full n long even with limits such as my skimpy own lashes. 

 I love love her work.  She is very gentle and takes her time.  If you are looking for a eyelash extension person you will not be sorry trying LaVo.  Vivian  is awesome.

BTW. Vivian works from her home.  She has a great place with a separate door that leads to her work area.  I was amazed to see how she transformed this spot.  It is like being in a spa.  Her shop is better than some salons I have been to.  

 Booking an appt is a breeze.  You can book on line tgroufh Vegaro or call.  Vivian is very responsive in returning calls and text.  Excellent customer service.

Annabelle Z.

Fremont, CA


                Do not look any further, Vivian is truly the QUEEN OF ALL LASH EXPERTS!!! I have been a loyal client of Vivian for several years and super excited she was able to open a studio of her own! 
She is super friendly, professional and provides excellent customer service! She is very accommodating and gives you the custom lashes you want! I always get compliments on how my eyelashes look so natural! Of course, I do my part and take care of my lashes so I can get the longevity out of them.
I HIGHLY recommend Vivian to be your new LASH EXPERT!!! She has truly changed my life in so many positive ways...I feel beautiful and it doesn't take me as long to get ready since I don't need to apply mascara every day! Thank you Vivian for always taking care of my lashes and making my LASHES look BEAUTIFUL EVERY TIME!!!

Janet T.

San Jose, CA


              Vivian_ Lavo Queen!
-Excellent customer service. Even better now that she works for herself. She can be as flexible as she needs to be for her clients.
-Competitive pricing.
-Custom lashes: natural, glamorous, edgy. Adhesive does not dry white. (Other technicians use a clear adhesive which dries white, which leaves a clumpy, crusty look, yuck!)
-2-3 weeks depending on how you take care of them and how often you choose to get them refilled. Application takes about an hour (for refills).

Franchesca G.

Downtown, San Jose, CA


              Vivian does an amazing job with eyelash extensions.  

I receive so many compliments from friends and also people I don't know.  My natural lashes are straight and point downward and having these beautiful extensions makes me feel put together even when I'm not wearing makeup.  She pays attention to detail and is a perfectionist, always wanting to do an excellent job.

 It's really relaxing to get extensions and Vivian makes sure that her clients are comfortable and 100% happy with her services.  

I highly recommend Vivian to anyone looking to get eyelash extensions.  I've been using her for about a year and have always had a great experience.  She is the best!

 Linda D.

Campbell, CA


                Vivian provides professional, high quality and personalized service.  Her prices are reasonable and competitive.  I'm a new customer and sincerely happy with the great experience I had at Lavo Queen.  The facility is a serene and relaxing environment - it's lovely!

 Vivian is pleasant and her technique is very gentle.

I highly recommend Vivian at Lavo Queen for eye lash extensions - for the high quality service/materials, competitive price and overall great experience.

Mb H.

Burlingame, CA


                 I moved to The Bay Area from Atlanta almost 2 years ago. I had a terrible time finding great beauty providers.  My luck changed when I met Vivian! Vivian did an amazing job on lash extensions!  They look very natural and full.  

My eyelashes are very curly however she knew how to apply the eyelashes properly. Vivian is also very knowledgable about skin and provided me tips on what to use  to help my skin adjust to the new climate.  I feel very comfortable and relaxed in her new shop!  It is beautiful and tranquil!

If you want the best lashes in the Bay Area go to Lavo Queen today!!

Jay M. 

San Jose, CA


                Vivian has made my experience getting my eyelashes done absolutely amazing and hassle-free! She is very accommodating - always making sure i was happy, offering me drinks & even opening the door for me.  

Vivian also communicates excellently - telling me when she may be running a little late. (It wasn't her fault - the client before me was late to their apt but she did her best to accommodate everyone) but she let me know as soon as she knew so I wouldn't be sitting waiting. 

She is also very available. I called her the day of, asking for an apt, and she was able to schedule me a same day apt. 

Not to mention, her work is fabulous!!! My eyelashes look great, very natural & last about 3 weeks! Not a single complaint!!!! 

Overall, I would definitely recommend her if you are interested in eyelash extensions !!!! 

Thank you Vivian!!!!!

Ryann O.

Roseville, CA


 I have been doing my eyelash with Vivian for the past 2 years and been so HAPPY with her work.. So happy that she has decided to go off on her own. I have tried other places that do eye lash and have not been happy with the service. Vivian is always willing to work around the clients schedule.

The stuff she uses for eyelash in very good last for a long time. I sometimes don't get a refill until 3 weeks and still my eyelash look good. The location that she has now is beautiful she did a good job decorating. She is very friendly and price is good.


Erica O.

San Jose, CA


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