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Welcome to Lavo Queen

Hi, my name is Vivian, and I want to personally thank you for coming to my website.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself and introduce you to my beautiful and private studio.  After 15 years of being a professional hair stylist in the metropolitan city of Houston and the beautiful San Jose, I have been skillfully acquired many coveted techniques on how to transform a woman's beauty by customization and taking care of them thereafter.  12 years ago, I discovered the arts of eyelash extensions and I have been hooked passionately on it ever since. 

My private studio is called LavoQueen, it is the place where I can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary through the magic of every individualized eyelash extension session.  To create the perfect look for my client I personality sit down and consult every individualize aspect and custom looks to accentuate based on facial shape and beauty features. My mission is to make you feel glamorous and beautiful at any moment of your busy life. When you visit the  LavoQueen studio, you will enter a world of ultimate comfort. You can engage in a comforting sleep during the process and when you awake, you will be transformed, and that is an experience I have always dream to create for my client. 

That feeling of excitement contains happiness and satisfaction.  those feelings will always be present by your side whenever you glance upon a mirror and gaze upon your eyes.

With Love,





Let your eyes be your soul   

 Please take a look at a customer’s commendation for Vivian 

           “Do not look any further, Vivian is truly the QUEEN OF ALL LASH EXPERTS!!! I have been a loyal client of Vivian for several years and super excited she was able to open a studio of her own! 

She is super friendly, professional and provides excellent customer service! She is very accommodating and gives you the custom lashes you want! I always get compliments on how my eyelashes look so natural! Of course, I do my part and take care of my lashes so I can get the longevity out of them. 

 I HIGHLY recommend Vivian to be your new LASH EXPERT!!! She has truly changed my life in so many positive ways...I feel beautiful and it doesn't take me as long to get ready since I don't need to apply mascara every day! Thank you Vivian for always taking care of my lashes and making my LASHES look BEAUTIFUL EVERY TIME!!!” 

Janet T.

San Jose, CA

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